Wendy Taucher is a choreographer of note. Note her. I have.
Bessie Schonberg, Choreography Mentor, namesake of The Bessie's – The New York Dance and Performance awards.

That was a truly splendid evening last night. Doreen and I felt privileged to be there. Congratulations to all your performers. They are, without exception, superb. I am sure Mozart must have been happy, too.
Bob Brustein, Founder of Yale Rep and Harvard’s American Repertory Theatre
Simply one of the best directors I've had the pleasure of working with.
Marni Nixon, Hollywood's off-screen voice for The King & I, West Side Story, My Fair Lady
Wendy Taucher brings a sense of fun and wonder to her productions. She not only reduces stories to their essence, but finds the beauty and humor in her characters true nature. Ms. Taucher has staged some of the most strikingly simple, yet wondrous and delightful visual images I've seen on stage.
Judy Belushi Pisano, Producer, Author
I thought Opera at Featherstone was wonderful. It’s the first time I watched an opera with a cow enjoying the singing as much as I did. What fun, and only on the Vineyard.
Olga Hirshhorn, Arts Patron, Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.
Choreographer and Lincoln Center Teaching Artist Wendy Taucher is simply brilliant. Her thinking is perceptive, enthusiastic, and probing. She is refreshingly irreverent too, which never hurts.
Maxine Greene, Philosopher-in-Residence of Lincoln Center Institute
Wendy Taucher is a fierce supporter of artists in all fields, particularly dance.  She nurtures new talent and endeavors to link past and present with innovative programming and opportunities for discussion among diverse people.
Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Hollywood, Broadway, ABT, NYCB Director & Choreographer
Wendy understands the importance of incorporating mastery of movement into a young opera singer's bag of tricks.  Her 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' is one of the most fun exercises I've seen in a long time! She really makes people think outside the box.
Midge Woolsey, WQXR 20-year classical music radio host, popular WNET and PBS television host
Wendy is great with planning exciting dance routines and had parents and teachers dancing along with their kids just for the fun of it!  Everyone counted the days until she came back to us so we could make beautiful music together in the halls, the schoolyard and the street. What a treat!
Jeanne LoCascio, Principal PS 182, Bronx, NY, retired
Congratulations on a really wonderful event last weekend. I can't thank you enough for inviting me Friday and I am sure Sunday was also fantastic. The things you do really amaze me—everything I have attended this year has been super, and yet each show is so different from the others.
Louisa Hufstader, free-lance journalist, named by Boston Globe as “Boston’s premier female jazz DJ” a top-ranked Editor for Patch Napa and Martha’s Vineyard.
Working in Martha’s Vineyard with Wendy Taucher's New York City company is always such a joy.  She has the amazing gift of putting all of the pieces together to create a magical night of opera and theater.  I feel so fortunate to have worked with her and to have shared our performances with such an enthusiastic and engaged audience.  Martha’s Vineyard is such a special place, and Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theater makes it all the more so.
Eve Gigliotti, Metropolitan Opera Artist, Soloist Gotham Opera
Taucher directs like a high-concept Muse: with vision, flawless timing and the occasional squirt of seltzer down the pants. Her stagecraft is impeccable and the performances she inspires in artists are astonishing, even to themselves.
Donavon Dietz, actor in 200 national commercials, Law & Order, Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards, extensively Off-Broadway
Wendy, you are simply the best. It was such a relief to have someone take on the logistics and provide for Thoth and Lila the experience of their fantasies. What an amazing crowd too!
Sarah Kernochan, Oscar Winning Director and Screen Writer
I was dragged to La Scala by my opera-loving mother at the ripe age of 12, wept through La Bohème, and have remained addicted ever since. Herbert von Karajan conducting no less! My mother had a crush on him. Now we have our very own local outdoor Scala, on island, with top-notch singers...it does not get much better. Run, don't walk, to the next production!
Monina von Opel, Arts Patron, New York City & Martha’s Vineyard
Wendy Taucher is one of the only opera directors in the world who can pitch a tent in the middle of a field and make you feel you're in the Met or the Paris Opera House. I've seen her do it over and over again. She has a true sense of the grandeur of the genre and knows how to bring it to the people. Give me more of Wendy Taucher. This is what opera was written for. Her humor, her sense of drama, her loving touch and her true understanding of the works she produces bring opera to the realm of the great world-entertainment operas were meant to be.
Connie Borde, Arts Patron, Paris & Martha’s Vineyard
Wendy Taucher brought us a weekend of superb opera last August, and with her vast experience working with dancers and opera singers, the island is fortunate to have her back with another program this summer.
Anne Gallagher, Art Collector, Patron, Marco Island & Martha’s Vineyard
The 2012 Opera at Featherstone Gala was one of the best events I’ve ever been to on the island, and I’ve been at it for over 20 years.
Dale Leibach, Principal/Founding Partner, Prisim Public Affairs
Opera is the one thing that was missing in our summers on Martha's Vineyard. Now we can have it all, and even share it with visiting family, in Vineyard style
Mary and Sherif Nada, Arts Patrons, Boston & Martha's Vineyard, Sherif Nada – Boston Lyric Opera Board of Overseers Emeraiti
Opera is a performance art. Performance – as any actor knows – is not about perfection, it's about connecting with the audience. Performers connect with the audience to the degree that they connect with each other. That peculiar intimacy is what makes Opera at Featherstone so special.
Philip Evans, Wagner Fanatic, Boston & Martha’s Vineyard
Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theater is a must see! These world-class performances are delightful and so much fun!
Nancy Gardella, Executive Director, Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce
Wendy Taucher’s Opera group is extraordinary. Twice we’ve been transfixed and transported to another world through the beauty of the voices and power of the medium.
Gwen & Mark Snider, Owners, Nantucket Hotel & Resort and Winnetu Oceanside Resort
After four decades of opera-going, I know how rare it is to find the kind of lucid, powerful storytelling that is always present when Wendy Taucher directs. In seeing her work I sometimes discover plot nuances I never understood before, and I’ve watched her singers act with dramatic power that I never knew they had. Trained as a musician and choreographer as well as a director, Wendy Taucher brings a deep understanding of the opera score to each production she directs. The result is theater that uses natural, lucid stage movement to convey drama powerfully while respecting the composer's original intentions. Taucher's experience in training dancers and actors enables her casts to find interpretive resources they didn't know they had.
Michael Clive, Editor-in-Chief at The Santa Fe Opera, Cultural Reporter & Opera Critic
I have had the opportunity to see Wendy in "action " both as a choreographer and facilitator and creator of a Dance Think Tank. Devoted to see the art of Dance continuing, with a great seeking mind posing relevant and sometime difficult questions, Wendy conducts whatever she does with the heart of a lion and deep knowledge in the dance domain. I personally look forward to working with her as soon as possible.
Karine Plantandit, Tony Nominated, Original Lion King and Movin' Out with Twyla Tharp, 7 years soloist with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Wendy's creative faculties are off the charts – she is a virtuoso producer, writer, choreographer and ringmaster. I've had the pleasure of working with Wendy on several occasions.  The result is never short of abundance.
Justen Ahren, West Tisbury Poet Laureate, founder and director of Noepe Center, and Author of A Strange Catechism
Last summer we missed Gianni Schicchi
They all raved for the show so cheeky
Learned our lesson from Puccini
Looking forward to Rossini
To miss two in a row’s too freaky.

Paula Lyons & Arnie Reisman, Journalists, Cast Members of NPR’s Says You!