Wendy has conceived, produced and directed many gala successful events. Focusing on the goals of the event producer, she writes and directs a well-paced evening, with professional hosts and entertainers helping to propel the activities – from speeches, to music, dance or theater – specially created and arranged for the event. She believes less is more, keeping in mind that most patrons at high-priced galas attend many similar evens. Wendy’s goal is to be both unique and concise, highlighting the mission of the charity, celebrating the honoree and providing world-class entertainment performed by top-notch professionals. After attending one of these events patrons often comment on the inspiring, celebratory and entertaining experience.

During her stint at The Yard on Martha’s Vineyard, Wendy’s regular Friday night openings for YardArts! A Festival of Dance, Theater, Music & Opera seven week series were usually sold out, filled with enthusiastic subscription-based patrons and the place to be on the island. Her mid-season Opera at Featherstone galas are now a highlight of the very busy Vineyard summer season, selling out annually. She understands the demands of organizing both the theatrical party aspects, bringing over a decade of experience working with event planners, caterers and equipment vendors. She has produced galas that featured celebrities including Carly Simon, Amy Brenneman, Marni Nixon, Olga Hirschhorn, Tony Shalhoub, Bob Brustein, Lucinda Childs, Paul Taylor 2, Limon Dance Company and the work of Spaulding Gray with permission.



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