The Othello Project, conception by, co-author, co-director
Created for the Limon Dance Company with Artistic Director Carla Maxwell.
Starring principal dancers of the Jose Limon Dance Company, Andre de Shields, Donovan Dietz and Mark Womak.
    Premiered at Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard.
        A guided exploration of Jose Limon’s masterowork The Moor’s Pavane, investigating the
        cross-pollenization of Shakespeare’s Othello, Verdi’s Otello and Limon’s complete Pavane.

Choreography 101, Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Choreography, But Were Afraid to Ask, author/director
Produced at City Center Studios, New York City and Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard.
    Performers included Patricia Hoffbauer, George Emilio Sanchez, Andrew Jannetti and
    Lauren Naslund.
        A light-hearted and witty look exploring choreographic form using movement etudes
        specifically created for this production.

Design, Drama, Dance, author/director/choreographer
Produced at the Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard.
    Created in collaboration with architect Mark Hutker, featuring Michelle Mola/The Troupe.
        Using existing material, this event investigates design concepts used by both architects
        and choreographers.

The Way Dance Works, author/director/choreographer
Produced by Victory Gardens Theater, Dennis Zacek artistic director.
    Featuring A Dance Ensemble, Julie Jackson costumes.
        An hour long lec/demo analyzing the companies bi-annual full-length concerts.


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