Stillpoint: Nature Music Poetry Dance Reflection, director/choreographer
Created in collaboration with landscape and fine artist Claudia Miller, with poetry by Justen Ahren.
Performed on a private estate on Martha’s Vineyard. A site-specific installation set in the
    woods, pathways and fields on an estate on Martha’s Vineyard, with four performance
    areas, including ten singers, one pianist an actor and a dancer, supported by a major

[In Development]
Opera Rocks
For Kids & Other People

Opera Rocks!  Opera Demystified, Creativity Illuminated
Opera Rocks honors opera classics by exploring their musical construction, great storytelling, vibrant characters and virtuosic singing. Based on some of opera’s best loved scenes, Opera Rocks presents arias and ensembles as originally created, followed by new arrangements sung in English and arranged in varied musical styles. An educational spoken script is disguised in cheeky banter, keeping the action going and the learning fresh.

Opera Rocks!  Classic Originals, Inventive Variations
Featuring Mozart, Puccini, Verdi and Donizetti, Opera Rocks illuminates the composer’s intentions as first written. New musical arrangements based on varied styles including Jazz, Rap, Rock and Broadway – with lyrics translated into English – follow each classic scene. Opera Rocks’ theatrical process emphasizes the composer’s successfully realized intentions and – with playful rearrangements – opens windows that highlight individual creativity.  

Opera Rocks!  Designed for School Tours, Opera Company Special Events & Family Matinees
Created by a team of experienced professionals with in-depth musical, theatrical and arts-in-education experience, Opera Rocks is designed to provide an upbeat and thought provoking experience for children and adults alike. The cast consists of four singers:  soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor and baritone, with a pianist. Opera Rocks can be performed on-stage or in any space large enough to provide a small playing area and seat the audience. Costumes are evocative and the work is performed without a set. This structure makes Opera Rocks' simplicity and portability keep fees relatively low and attractive to potential bookers at schools and concert venues. The Opera Rocks score is ideal for university and professional opera company apprentice programs to produce and tour in their own areas. 

[In Development]
A Song Narrative
by Wendy Taucher & Jessica B. Harris

Uprising, A Song Narrative presents in song, movement, and spoken word, the little known history of Louisiana's 1811 German Coast Slave rebellion: America's largest slave revolt. Wendy serves as co-author, co-composer, director/choreographer, while co-author Jessica oversees the piece's cultural and historic components. The work, which will employ opera singers, actors, and dancers, will use the revolt as a platform for the exploration of race history and courage in the United States and contain both traditional and newly composed materials. Uprising: A Song Narrative is rooted in the past, but has multiple implications for the present and aims not only to entertain, but also to provoke thoughts and discussion and perhaps draw some conclusions about race and repression in the United States and around the globe.

The Barber of Seville in English & Italian
With Color Commentary by Beaumarchais, Mozart, Rossini & Professor Donavon Dietz
Rossini’s well-known hero has not one, but two famous bio-operas. This one was written second, but takes place first – historically speaking – that is. This Salon Opera version, The Demon Barber of Rossini, invents Figaro’s alter ego, in the form of an English speaking, non-singing raconteur. Just to confuse matters, the opera is based on a French trilogy, banned in Vienna about a Spanish Count played by a bunch of New Yorkers, premiering on Martha’s Vineyard. Are you keeping up?  An no, this is not The Marriage of Figaro (that’s by Mozart), but yes, it is the one with the famous comic aria, featuring the name – you guessed it – Fi-Ga-Ro!  All in the style of a silent move, except it isn’t. Let the games begin.

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