The Othello Project, conception by, co-author, co-director
Created for the Limon Dance Company with Artistic Director Carla Maxwell.
Starring principal dancers of the Jose Limon Dance Company, Andre de Shields, Donovan Dietz and Mark Womak.
    Premiered at Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard.
        A guided exploration of Jose Limon’s masterowork The Moor’s Pavane, investigating the
        cross-pollenization of Shakespeare’s Othello, Verdi’s Otello and Limon’s complete Pavane.

Carly Simon Dances at The Yard, director/co-choreographer
Created in at the request of and in collaboration with Carly Simon, Yvonne Marceau of American Ballroom Theater and Mad Hot Ballroom, co-choreographer, starring Paola Styron and Kelly Peters and sets by Dean Taucher and Allen Whiting.
    Premier at the Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard.

        In Honor of You, George and The Gershwin Variations, a full-length, sold-out, two week run.

Yo Yo Ma Rocks, choreographer
Starring Jamal Jackson and island kids.
    Created for the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center Patricia Nanon celebration.

        A dance for kids, featuring the music of the Bisquit Brother’s Yo Yo Ma, performed on an
        evening including Paul Taylor 2 and Jose Limon Dance Company.

Talking Woman, director/choreographer, co-author
Written with co-author David Richmond, sound score by Phil Lee.
    Created for the Vineyard Playhouse’s Women’s Month and also performed at City Center
    Studios, NYC.
        A monologue rant with movement incorporating a sound score built using with excerpt
        from the Paganini Caprices.

Reasons for the Beginning of Delight, co-director/choreographer
Created with writer/director Sara Plath and sound designer Phil Lee, starring Lauren Naslund.
    Performed extensively in the U.S. including Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors and the Edinburgh
    Festival, Sicily and Italy.
        A theater/dance work for actress and two dancers, which received Best Director Award
        and Best Sound at the 15th International One-Act Play Festival, Arezzo, Italy by Plath/
        Taucher Productions.

My Hands Feel Funny, choreographer
Sara Plath, author of incidental text for expanded version.
    Performed in theaters and sites around New York City including PS 122, Swarthmore and
    Carlton Colleges, Patricia Nanon Theatre and in the repertory of dance companies in Italy,
    France and Japan.
        Created so that performers fill the entire stage, with comic hand movements to Horowitz’s
         recording of the Scarlatti Piano Sonatas. Originally performed in an East Village basement
         with twelve dancers and eventually the largest cast of sixty filling a proscenium stage at
         Carleton College.

The Situation if Fluid, choreographer
Starring Joanna Claire.
    Commissioned by Arte Danza, Catania, Sicily, and performed by companies in Sicily, Italy,
     London and Scotland, and multiple sites around the U.S.
        Virtuoso solo modern dance with a life mask.

The Daphne Variations, director/choreographer
Created with writer/director Sara Plath, starring J. Pat Miller and Lauren Naslund and starring
J. Pat Miller and Lauren Naslund.

    Performed at MoMing, Chicago.
        A theater/dance work for actor and two dancers, about which Linda Winer wrote in th
        Chicago Tribune "[Taucher’s] quiet, thoughtful intensity is still there, along with an ongoing
         flair for the elegiac, reminiscent of the moral force of Jose Limon.

Men & Women Fail to Get Along, director/choreographer
Created with writer/director Sara Plath.
    Commissioned with a grant from the WOW Festival, New York City and performed at various
     sites in New York City.
        An avant garde comic cabaret of scenes and dances by Plath/Taucher Productions.

Osgood, Taucher, Vernon, co-choreographer/dancer
Starring Amy Osgood, Wendy Taucher and Charlie Vernon.
    Presented by Colombia College Dance Center, Chicago.
        A full-length evening with three choreographers dancing each other’s works.

New Music, New Dance, choreographer/dancer
Created with composer Paul Johnson, starring Lauren Naslund.
    Produced at MoMing and The Art Institute, Chicago.
        A full-length modern dance concert performed by A Dance Ensemble.

Jazz Music & Modern Dance, choreographer/dancer
Created with jazz harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy, starring Wendy Taucher.
    Presented by MoMing, Chicago.
        A full-length, semi-improvisational concert of solo harmonica and solo dance.

Links Hall, initial space co-sponsor
With Bob Eisen, Amy Osgood, Charlie Vernon.
    Organized initial creation of the Links Hall space in Chicago.
        Hosted first Rent Party and subsequent showing of works in Links Hall first concert.

First National Bank of Chicago, choreographer
Starring Lauren Naslund and Susan Deutsch.
    Invitational City-Wide Performances at the First National Bank Fountain Plaza.
        Full-length concert dance performance by A Dance Ensemble.

Navy Pier, choreographer
Starring Lauren Naslund and Susan Deutsch.
    Invitational City-Wide Performances at Navy Pier.
        Full-length concert dance performance by A Dance Ensemble.

International & National Tours, artistic director, choreographer
A Dance Ensemble and Plath/Taucher tours, featuring Lauren Naslund and Sara Plath.
    Edinburgh, Italy, Sicily, Slovenian, Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois,
    Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New
    Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington
    DC, Wisconsin with Wendy’s work also shown by in rep by companies in France, Japan
    and London.
        Full-length concert dance performances of Wendy’s choreography for A Dance Ensemble
        and Plath/Taucher Productions.


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