Wendy choreographs all of the music theater, operas and mixed media works she directs. In addition, she happily choreographs for with other directors, focusing on making the collaboration between director and choreography seamless. Important in this process the overall style of the director in the specific work, understanding the strengths of the cast, transitions in and out of numbers, amount of rehearsal time and the ability to provide more than one option when requested by the director.

Whale Nation, co-director
Starring Donavon Dietz, Bob Hall co-director
    New York City & Martha’s Vineyard

Talking Woman, co-author, director/choreographer
David Richmond co-author
    City Center Studios New York City & Vineyard Playhouse Martha’s Vineyard

Romeo & Juliet, choreographer
Dennis Zacek director
    Oak Park Shakespeare Festival, IL

Bloody Bess – A Tale of Piracy and Revenge, choreographer
Stuart Gordon director
    Organic Theater, Chicago, IL

The King Must Die, bull dancing consultant
Stuart Gordon director
    Organic Theater Chicago

A Winter's Tale, choreographer
Court Theater & New Rude Mechanicals
    University of Chicago & New York City

Dance & Music, choreographer
A Dance Ensemble
    Victory Gardens Theater, Dennis Zacek artistic director


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