Wendy Taucher is a choreographer of note. Note her. I have.
Bessie Schonberg, Choreography Mentor, namesake of The Bessie's –
The New York Dance and Performance Awards



Choreography, for Wendy is confluence of sound and the moving image and all that this implies, be it live performance or electronic media. She choreographed the first dance she appeared in at the age of sixteen, meaning she started dancing late and choreographing early.

The through-line of all of her artistic creations is form, structure, pacing, content and message, regardless of the specific vocabulary and theme. The chosen movement vocabulary is the language in which she paints with its particularities adding to the luster of the whole.

Wendy uses her experience in different forms – from ballet to hip hop, modern to musical comedy, opera to rock ‘n roll – to cross pollinate dance, keeping the process interesting to herself, her collaborators and the audience. Her choreography has been rewarded with prestigious individual fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and Jacob’s Pillow. It has also led to invitations to participate in the legendary Dance Theater Workshop Professional Choreographer’s Workshop and Teaching Choreography Workshop with Bessie Schoenberg, the Carlisle Project, Artistic & Executive Director of The Yard and leadership of World Choreography Institute.

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