Choreographer and Lincoln Center Teaching Artist Wendy Taucher is
simply brilliant. Her thinking is perceptive, enthusiastic, and probing.
She is refreshingly irreverent too, which never hurts.

Maxine Greene, Philosopher-in-Residence of Lincoln Center Institute

Wendy is an acknowledged expert in the field of arts-in-education. Forefront in her skills are designing arts curriculum across the performing arts, classroom management for the elementary grades and incorporating the arts for classroom teachers via in-service staff development workshops. She has published extensively for Pearson Education, the world’s largest publisher in its field. A long-time Teaching Artist for Lincoln Center Institute, her accumulated knowledge has been enhanced by experience at schools as varied as Dalton to the South Bronx, North Carolina’s Appalachian slopes to University of Chicago, from American Ballroom Theater’s Dancing Classrooms to Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Her style with school-age students is upbeat and inclusive while creating a safe environment of disciplined fun. When coach adults, her style is collaborative, based on exploration, discovery in order to mine the imagination.



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