Simply one of the best directors I've had the pleasure of working with.
Marni Nixon, Opera, Broadway & Hollywood's off-screen voice for The King & I, West Side Story, My Fair Lady

From the early stages of Wendy’s work as a modern dance choreographer, she maintained a parallel career choreographing musical theater. Initially invited by colleagues of her brother Dean Taucher, theater, opera and television production set designer for Law & Order SVU, Sopranos and Miami Vice, Wendy choreographed for various theaters and opera companies. Her in-depth musical training at the Northwestern University School of Music, where she studied with members of the Chicago Symphony French horn section, combined with her theatrical stage craft, led to her directing and choreographing opera.

To opera, Wendy brings, an ability to analyze musical form, conceptualize the dramatic intentions of the composer and librettist, capitalize upon the singers natural theatrical and movement qualities in order to tell the story, keeping music as the principal guiding element. Preparation, speed and communication are paramount necessities in when directing opera and Wendy’s method is practiced and thorough. She knows when more is more and especially when less is more. She combines craftsmanship with inspiration, letting the music and singing lead the way as the high points of the composers’ vision.



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