Out With the Old, In With the New is an appealing way to make a fresh start. . . Directed [and choreographed] by Wendy Taucher the play includes a delightful homage to New York in the form of numbers celebrating the city's attractions from Chinatown (there's even a lion dance) to St. Luke's Garden.
The New York Times

Wendy Taucher’s choreography demonstrated that this choreographer both understands and enjoys working with the basic tools of her trade. When Taucher danced Doris Humphrey’s Two Ecstatic Themes, she performed with dignity and control, yet showing absolute physical looseness and liquidity, which is how I have always conceived of Humphrey’s dancing.

Reasons for the Beginning of Delight, an artistic, humorous production about self-discovery, centered on a woman who starts out in a state of anxiety and confusion, and general inarticulateness, who slowly finds out what life is all about.
The Washington Post

The quiet, thoughtful intensity is still there, along with an ongoing flair for the elegiac, reminiscent of the moral force of Jose Limon.
The Chicago Tribune

Reasons becomes a witty, occasionally wise look at various female lives. Taucher, a tall woman with a cherubic face and a mass of blond curls, was particularly zesty as the big-hearted, dancing chef. It was a lively collaboration.
Chicago Sun Times

There were reasons for delight in Reasons for the beginning of Delight. Most of these were found in Wendy Taucher’s work.
Chicago Reader

The Daphne Variations music, spectacle and verse is as moving as anything that dances on its stage. The theater/dance is a serious, carefully designed treatment of the Daphne and Apollo myth, with shimmering textures of music by intriguing Chicago composer, Mitchell Arnold. Daphne flickers attractively, meshing music, dance and speech in an archaic, unrelenting, strangely enchanting vision. Complete theater combined with an iridescent, hypnotic envelope of beautiful sound.
The Chicago Tribune

Reasons for the Beginning of Delight combines evocative lyrics with sensitive, expressionistic choreography to convey the experiences of a young New Yorker on a typical quest for fulfillment. Fortunately, the impressionistic beauty of the first scene does not deteriorate into a vituperative female sob story, but gives way to humorous and imaginative parodies of female dominated occupations. There is great charm in the simplicity and wit of this performance.
Festival Times, Edinburgh

Slovenian National TV Artistic and amusing. A wonderfully funny and talented New York City choreographer. The Scotsman, Edinburgh Comes together at the end in a suitably lyrical flow. Chicago Reader There were reasons for delight in Reasons for the Beginning of Delight.
Review 88, Edinburgh This is an eloquent and mature vision free of all pretentiousness but completely confident and absorbing. Milwaukee Journal A well rehearsed ensemble. The Lincoln Star Cabaret proves wry, sly and the year’s finest show.
La Sicilia Simpatica. A great success of creative choreography and collaboration. Delta County Independent Extrordinary choreography.
The London Times An intriguing, coolly spare presentation. Chicago Dance Lines It was a good concert.

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