Stillpoint: Nature Music Poetry Dance Reflection, director/choreographer
Created in collaboration with landscape and fine artist Claudia Miller, with poetry by Justen Ahren.
Performed on a private estate on Martha’s Vineyard. A site-specific installation set in the
    woods, pathways and fields on an estate on Martha’s Vineyard, with four performance
    areas, including ten singers, one pianist an actor and a dancer, supported by a major

Fun Factory, co-author, director/choreographer
Co-Authors Dennis Paoli, Sara Plath, David Richmond, Co-Composers Alaister King, Frank Schiro, Sound Phil Lee – Patricia Nanon Theatre, Martha’s Vineyard
A full-length, family friendly theater review with original music, featuring a cast of professional     adult and child actors. Fun Factory sees a ten year old playing a Freudian shrink, a     Shakespearean bar-room brawl and very fun, full cast closing number Onomonopia.

The Daphne Variations, co-director/choreographer
Starring J. Pat Miller, Sara Plath author, co-director
MoMing, Chicago
        A full-length theater theater dance piece based on the Daphne myth, supported in part by
        grants from the NEA and Illinois Arts Council.

Reasons for the Beginning of Delight, co-director/choreographer
Sara Plath author, co-director, Phil Lee sound design
   A full-length, family-friendly work, with original script, music, choreography, for professional
    actors from the age of ten to sixty.

        A full-length theater theater dance piece based supported in part by grant a year-long
        space grant from the Harkness Center for Dance.

Men & Women Fail to Get Along, co-director/choreographer
Sara Plath author, co-director
Laurie Beechman Theatre & WOW Festival, New York City

        A full-length comic theater/dance work.


   Copyright © Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theater, NYC, Martha's Vineyard. All rights reserved.