That was a truly splendid evening last night. Doreen and I felt privileged
to be there. Congratulations to all your performers. They are, without
exception, superb. I am sure Mozart must have been happy, too.

Bob Brustein, Founder of Yale Rep and Harvard’s American Repertory Theatre

Wendy brings a collaborative spirit to her work as a director and choreographer for the theater. When choreographing for another director, she is specific about contributing to the directors’ vision. Along with delivering well-crafted, appropriate numbers, she considers the overall style, transitions in and out of musical scenes, the strengths of the principal cast and the demands of the rehearsal schedule. Her study of multiple dance techniques, fight choreography and music give her a broad base upon which to create. She has a strong sense of narrative movement that can seamlessly morph into dream-like sequences, delivering story-line and atmosphere, based on the requirements of the script. Much like great musical theater casts, she’s a triple threat director, choreographer, musician.



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