Wendy is a highly experienced curriculum and staff developer for summer arts programs. She brings twenty years of know-how to the task, incorporating her work as a creative artist, guest artist for K-12 students and staff developer for classroom and arts teachers. Wendy understand how to analyze the big picture, categorize details, ask plenty of questions, listen to the answers and respond with disciplined plans and communication skills. She keeps the goals of the specific program at the forefront, and carefully considers the intricacies of schedule, length of course by hour and over a course of time, space, age of students, age and experience of instructors and physical/equipment requirements of various specific activities. Her multi-layered experiences as artist, teacher, text book author and administrator provide a solid and unique base with which she approaches staff and curriculum development.

SummerStage, director
For seventeen years, SummerStage was a half day summer arts program with full day recreational extended day for which Wendy designed curriculum and schedule, hired and supervised staff, managed enrollment, wrote or supervised script writing and administered day to day activities.
    Rockland County, New York

Way Off Broadway, co-director
Wendy was a partner for ten years designing school-year private theater academy, with four locations and an annual musical theater production, for kids K-8. Working with co-director Frank Schiro, she created the annual scripts, featuring her all-star-no-star approach, and including text, stand-up, movement and singing. Students were encouraged to work in the story-theater style, with suggested sets, props and costumes, helping them to communicate through their voice, body and imagination. Students at all levels were valued, work together in teams and encouraged to take risks. With Way Off Broadway’s assistance in setting up auditions and management, WOB students appeared and/or are appearing on Broadway, television and feature films.
    Long Island, New York

Deerkill Day Camp, guest artist
Deerkill is a private camp for which Wendy designed and implemented a supplemental dance and theater aprogram for one season.
    Rockland County, New York


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