Taucher directs like a high-concept Muse: with vision, flawless timing and the
occasional squirt of seltzer down the pants. Her stagecraft is impeccable and
the performances she inspires in artists are astonishing, even to themselves.

Donavon Dietz, actor in 200 national commercials, Law & Order, Boardwalk Empire,
House of Cards, extensively Off-Broadway





Wendy’s inclination, professional experience and training make her one version of a perfect director/choreographer for unique, idiosyncratic or one-off events. She’s a classically trained musician, with serious study in modern dance and ballet, and a Big Ten marching band alum. She’s directed and/or choreographed parades, cabaret, opera, ballet, installations, modern dance, musicals, fashion shows and more. Wendy is at home working with Shakespeare, Stravinsky with the Blues Brothers Revue, in comedy, in narrative or abstract works. She’s written for gala events and performance art, arranged music for site-specific works and one-act operas. Wendy often collaborates and she sources these partners from the best, building on their mutual interest in blurring the lines between high art and great entertainment.

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